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Storage Consolidation using Dell Equallogic SANs

Storage Consolidation with EqualLogic SANS

Industry’s leading family of iSCSI-based midrange enterprise SAN solutions
The growth of company files, e-mail, databases, and application data drives a constant need for more storage. But with storage directly attached to servers, growth means burdensome storage management and decreased asset utilization. Storage resources remain trapped behind individual servers, impeding data availability. Consolidating your storage resources onto an EqualLogic PS Series array offers an optimized approach to data management.

Centralize storage and reduce administrative overhead
EqualLogic’s unique peer storage architecture consolidates all storage resources into an easy-to-manage tiered pool of storage, securely accessed by servers across a standard Ethernet network. The PS Group Manager provides a single, intuitive administrative interface, accessible from anywhere on the network.

Simplify IT operations and reduce total IT expenditures
EqualLogic’s all-inclusive feature set makes advanced virtualization and data protection features available to enterprises of all sizes, without breaking the bank. Automatic system expansion, data protection, and tiering functions minimize administrative tasks even as storage needs grow over time.

Expand storage capacity, performance, and network bandwidth online without downtime
Bringing additional storage online is truly seamless; additional disk and controller resources are automatically brought online without disrupting applications accessing the storage pool. Performance scales linearly as workloads are automatically load balanced. Volumes are RAID-protected, and through advanced system and disk monitoring, faults can be quickly recognized and addressed without downtime. Low overhead snapshots and remote replication enable you to simply create a virtually unlimited number of space-efficient point-in-time copies at primary and remote sites for quick recovery from disk or backup to tape.

Consolidate storage assets across multiple OS environments
EqualLogic supports initiators across all major operating systems. Gigabit Ethernet NICs and HBAs provide high performance, multi-path access to centralized storage assets. Boot-from-SAN and virtualized desktop capabilities allow system disks to be totally removed from distributed server and desktop assets.

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