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Enterprise Class performance and scalability

The EqualLogic PS6010 Series is a line of enterprise-class midrange storage arrays that delivers exceptional self-optimizing performance, virtualized server integration, integrated data protection for key business applications, consolidated management, and deployment flexibility without compromising data availability.

The primary difference between the PS6000 and PS6010 is the network connection type and quantity. While the PS6000 has four (4) 1 GbE connections per controller, the PS6010 has two (2) 10GbE connections per controller (orange in the picture).

Dual power, fans and controllers with (2) 10GbE connections.

Beyond the network interface, the same drive options are available on the PS6010:

PS6000 “E” – SATA drives
PS6000 “X” – 10K RPM SAS drives
PS6000 “XV” – 15K RPM SAS drives
PS6000 “XVS” – Solid-State drives (SSDs)

While most customers choose “E” arrays for more static, less critical data, don’t underestimate their performance. The striping and caching intelligence that is built into the units means you will get outstanding performance regardless of drive type.

Configure and Price a Dell EqualLogic PS6010E, PS6010X, PS6010XV or PS6010XVS.