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NAS File Storage with Dell EqualLogic

NAS File Storage with Dell EqualLogic Low Cost SANs

Industry’s leading family of iSCSI-based midrange enterprise SAN solutions
The growth of company file system assets drives an increasing need for storage. But the high acquisition cost, ongoing management costs, and vendor lock-in of NAS appliances is causing companies to rethink their file serving architectures. Many organizations are seeking more effective solutions for sharing file system assets simply and cost effectively using industry standard servers and host operating systems, and leveraging pre-existing in-house backup and recovery processes. EqualLogic PS Series arrays provide superior file system storage and offer advanced management, availability, and protection functionality built-in, at no extra cost.

Simple, open systems, standards-based environment for investment protection
EqualLogic’s iSCSI-based PS Series is a simple, robust, cost-effective storage platform for scalable NFS, CIFS, and Netware file sharing solutions. Storage resources are consolidated into an easy-to-manage, tiered pool of storage accessed over standard iSCSI protocols by industry standard file servers, protecting customers from prohibitive pricing models and NAS vendor lock-in. EqualLogic integrates into standard networked file serving environments, including Microsoft, Novell, PolyServe, Red Hat, and Sun.

Higher performance for high I/O messaging applications
Maximum performance is provided automatically – EqualLogic arrays continuously self-optimize as data changes and storage is expanded. EqualLogic volumes are provisioned as a single, scalable pool of storage that leverages all storage resources within the SAN. Adding additional PS Series arrays scales out performance linearly to support increasingly number of messaging users in an easy to manage and affordable way.

No compromise scalability as storage needs grow
Expanding your network-attached file systems with additional storage is truly seamless; additional disk and controller resources are automatically brought online without disruption to file servers accessing the consolidated storage pool. Storage performance scales linearly as workloads are automatically load balanced, spreading data across all active disks, controllers, and interface ports.

Superior price/performance over traditional NAS appliances
The EqualLogic PS Series is the industry’s most cost-effective enterprise-class networked storage. By coupling the PS Series with industry-standard servers and advanced file sharing software, acquisition and ongoing management costs are dramatically reduced – while still integrating easily with your standard enterprise backup and data protection processes.

Tiered storage automatically
File server access to PS Series consolidated storage is automatically tiered across multiple RAID levels, disk capacities, and disk speeds. Storage resources are applied where and when needed, automatically optimizing performance for heavily-used file systems and allowing online migration of seldom-accessed file system assets to lower cost resources.

Highly available storage infrastructure for consolidated file system assets
PS Series arrays are built for enterprise deployment, providing 99.999% availability through a fully redundant, hot-pluggable system architecture. Volumes are RAID-protected, and through EqualLogic’s Enclosure Monitoring System (EMS), faults can be quickly recognized, reported, and addressed without downtime. Low overhead snapshots and remote replication simply create a virtually unlimited number of space-efficient point-in-time copies at primary and remote sites for quick recovery from disk or backup to tape.

File System Smart Copy with Auto-Snapshot Manager
EqualLogic’s Auto-Snapshot Manager brings Smart Copy capability to Windows File Systems. Within an intuitive, simple to use, GUI, administrators can easily make rapid, host-integrated snapshots, clones, and replicas of complete storage recovery groups. In the event that a file system needs to be retrieved from a snapshot, clone or replica, Auto-Snapshot Manager provides fast restore capabilities. Collectively these all-inclusive features enhance an administrator’s ability to protect their file systems and ensure that the applications are available to their users.

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